Amdawadi Premier League 2

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    Shree Amdawadi Kshatriya Samaj Trust

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    Our *amdawadi premier League 2*form design is ready. Forms will be given frm *09/07/2017 to 14/07/2017*.. Forms are limited. So make sure u wl not miss this chance.. U all knws last tournament expenses n all.. And this time we are going to make this tournament more high than last tournament.. So this time. Form fees is *1000/-* And it's not so high.. As ground rent n other expenses will be high this time.. U wl get new cricket dress this time also.. And many more facilities this time... This time We are going to do lucky drow in first *50 forms*.. So lucky *5*players will get a chance to attend auction ceremony n they wl also treated as we will treated owner n captain.. Make Sure when ever u will come for form u have to pay form fees *1000/-* then only u cn take form.. Tanks for ur lovely support.. Tournament will be strt in *December 2017*.

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